Fashion Startup, Nessiam, Secures $305k Grant To Expand Network

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A Morocco-based fashion startup, Nessiam, has secured a $305, 000 grant under the 212 Founders program to accelerate its network. .

The Director of the 212 Founders Program, CDG Invest, Youssef Mamou, confirmed the development in a statement on Monday.

The investment is expected to help Nessiam become a benchmark brand in the Middle East and North African regions.

Mamou said the startup won the challenge by “incorporating technology into the project’s DNA.”

He said: “Nessiam has demonstrated resilience and inventiveness in democratizing an ethical brand in a fashion market dominated by fast fashion businesses. They won this challenge by incorporating technology into the project’s DNA, such as a digitalized sales process, user experience, marketing, community interactions, and so on.

“We were honored to assist them in developing a strong brand on Moroccan soil and allowing them to take the initial steps in the MENA area. Following the lifting, we will make every effort to make Nessiam a prominent player in the region’s Fashion Tech.”

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In his remark, the Co-Founder of Nessiam, Mohammed Damiri, noted that the fund would enable the startup to accelerate its plans.

He said: “Through Nessiam, Hamza Aouadi and I hope to do more than just meet a market demand by offering products to our consumers at lower pricing.

“We also want to give all women a voice through our collections. This vision has become a reality thanks to the support of 212 Founders, who have enabled us to establish a brand that pursues our beliefs.”

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